When:  24 – 26 July     9 – 5 pm       9 month programme – 5 modules

STAR Coach Training and Leadership Development Programme is an Accredited Coach Training Provider ACTP with the ICF. It includes 195,4 coach training hours. It is also a registered Training Institution and member of COMENSA and The South African Board for People Practices (SABPP), and is recognized at an NQF Level 5.

This programme is a deep immersion into what true transformation is, and how you can really make sustainable shifts in all aspects of your life. The underlying paradigm that runs throughout, is to empower individuals to ‘be conscious’, ‘be in control (of your thinking)’, and to ‘be in creation’. It empowers individuals to embody unconditional positive regard for self and for others, unconditional acceptance of what is, and to constantly come from a place of genuineness, and that it is not that we need to let go or get rid of any aspect of ourselves but rather to embrace and allow more.

For information:  http://www.starleadership.co.za/coachtraining/

Contact:   Shé Burnand  admin@starleadership.co.za