Speaker notes and resources from the first ICFSA Conference

20 October 2017, Kirstenbosch

1. Graphic Harvest

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2. Speaker notes

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Annabe Tredoux: ICFSA Conf 2017 Annabe Tredoux Life is Strange at 86 Coaching the elderly.pptx

Robert Farndell:ICFSA 2017 Robert Farndell Make better decisions.pptx

Janet Wilson: ICFSA Conf 2017 Janet Wilson Coaching with Ethics.pptx

Zeina Ghossoub: ICFSA Conf 2017 Zeina Ghossoub Healthcare provider burnout.pptx

Svea van der Hoorn: ICFSA Conf 2017 Svea van der Hoorn Coachng and Mental Health.pptx

Simone le Hane: ICFSA Conf 2017 Simone Le Hane Future World of Work.pptx

Keith Mould: ICFSA Conf 2017 Keith Mould Coaching and AI.pptx

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