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MCC Mastery and Artistry Program

February 7, 2022

Becoming a Masterful Coach

Who you are is how you coach!  To BE a Masterful Coach is much more than competence, it requires a unique Way of Being and a discerning way of observing. This program focuses first on who and how you are being as a coach and then integrates what you do and the ICF MCC coaching competencies.

If you desire a profound, personal, evolutionary experience, are passionate about coaching and your own development, and are pursuing your ICF MCC, this program is for you.

You will discover and exponentially develop your range and depth as a coach through experiential learning, practice and ongoing reflection, both individually and in community.  This learning takes place in a personal, intimate and safe space, strongly focused on building community and using the collective wisdom of the group.

You will learn to cultivate a Way of Being where you can be at your best in life and coaching, which includes learning:

  • a deep understanding of your Way of Being;
  • a way to observe yourself and your clients so you can coach masterfully;
  • how to dance with your clients in the moment;
  • to mitigate your blind spots;
  • a new and profound way of observing your and your client’s language, emotions and physiology;
  • a way to coach powerfully in language, emotions and physiology; and
  • through observation, practises and practice, be able to coach at MCC level for the purposes of attaining your credential.

The program starts on 7 February 2022 and consists of:

  • 7 x 6 hour experiential learning sessions over 7 months.
  • 36.5 CCEs.
  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching.
  • Reflective assignment work to hone your capacity to observe.
  • Self Observations.
  • Coaching practice.
  • Embodiment practice.
  • Observing and learning from other coaches.
  • Preparation for your MCC credentialing process.
  • Mentor coaching.


For more details to go:

Website:                      https://www.thehumanconnection.co.za/mcc

Brochure:                   https://bit.ly/3F6kCzd

Course Overview:      https://bit.ly/371nVIl

Contact:                     cathy@thehumanconnection.co.za


February 7, 2022



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