Applications now open for The Coaching Centre’s Professional Course in Integral Practitioner Coaching: The most profoundly transformational journey you will ever take!  Engage – Develop – Lead – Transform

Start dates:
Cape Town – 31 January 2019
Johannesburg – 8 March 2019

The Coaching Centre is grounded in experiential and adult self-organised embodied learning where theory and practice go hand in hand until it becomes an embodied way of being. We draw from and include the most profound ways of working with human beings to bring about the life they want.  Integral⁺ learning methodologies and processes are offered, encouraging you, the participant, to develop your own learning through reflection, self-motivation and self-organisation.

You will be exposed to the core components essential for navigating your understanding of self, others, cultures and systems within the field of coaching. You will find your own unique way/model/process of coaching, grounded in the professional key competencies, whilst guided through integral awareness, mapping and practice, resulting in sustained learning.

This enables you to bring your experience and wisdom, let go what you think is not useful, include and transcend what you may want to take into your future with you, and bring about a new reality for yourself and your clients through quality attention and practice.  While faculty will provide theoretical and experiential input, practice opportunities and supervision, you will be expected to participate outside the learning days in developing your own learning through practice and in-field experience.

The Diploma in Integral Practitioner Coaching is a 14 month learning process.

Registrations will close on 26 November for Cape Town, and 14 December in Johannesburg.  Late registrations will incur an additional cost.

What some of our 2017 alumni said about the experience:

  • “I believe this was just the beginning of my journey to wholeness.”
  • “Integral theory helps us to understand both human development and the human condition from multiple perspectives. As a coach, it helps us to truly connect with the complexity that is human existence, allowing us to approach our clients with compassion and openness, and a deep knowing that the there is no single truth.”
  • I am so grateful for what all of this has opened up for me – it goes way beyond what I imagined and has allowed me to hold so much more as a human, as a coach and as a leader.”

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For an application form, schedule and further information, please email Emi Guasco at  or call us at (021) 715 0525.