Advertise on the ICF SA website

We welcome advertising of courses, products and opportunities that will be of benefit to our members. Please read the guidelines below and then contact us.

To advertise:

  • you need to be a member of ICF South Africa; AND
  • your course/workshop/event needs to be pre-recognised by the ICF in the form of CCEU’s (Continuous Coaching Education Units) allocated; OR
  • it must be ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) or ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Programme) aligned.

If you meet the criteria above, there are two different options for advertising with ICF. You will reach a targeted audience of members and parties potentially interested in your offering.

Advertising Options:

There are two options for you to choose:

1) Advertising via a small banner image on our home page

Advertising on the home page of the website with an image file (200 x 350 px).
The button will hyperlink through to your website or a PDF, if this is your requirement.
You can view current examples on our website.
Cost: R750 per month.

Requirements for Option 1:

• You provide us with your image file for uploading onto the site.
• There will be additional costs if you prefer us to create an image file for you.
• You will have exposure on the landing page and thus maximum interest can be created for training or workshops.
• For this option, please provide:
• Image file, pdf (JPG or PNG image with a max width of 200px and max height of 350px
• web-link address that will link to the brochure

2) Advertising in text under the “Advertised resources” page

This is a short executive summary with the dates and times of your training/workshop which will hyperlink through to a PDF document/brochure or website. See current examples on the page

All these learning opportunities are advertised in the monthly mailer as Education Opportunities. The mailer is transmitted by month-end and features upcoming events and opportunities.

Cost: R500 per month.

For this option, please provide:

  • Headline/Title of opportunity/event
  • Executive summary (1 paragraph)
  • Full text of the opportunity; and/or
  • Any CCEU’s already allocated to your course/workshop. If it is ACSTH or ACTP accredited, please mention this
  • Any image file/brochure/pdf that needs to be linked
  • Web-link address that will link to the brochure or website

Monthly mailer

Each month we send out a mailer listing all courses/workshops/events that have been paid for by advertisers who use either Options 1 or Option 2 above.

This is to ensure maximum ‘eyeball’ coverage for the people who do not visit our site often.

The Process
1. The closing date for advertisements is the 25th day of the month.
2. All submissions and materials are to be submitted to me by 25th.
3. Adverts will be placed onto our website by month-end.
4. The mailer is published by the 1st or 2nd day of the following month.
An invoice will be issued soon after your ad has been placed.