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Founded in 1995, the International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading global organisation dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches.

With more than 17,000 professional personal and business coaches representing over 95 countries, the ICF is the voice of the global coaching profession.

International Coach Federation Core Purpose: To advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching.


ICF South Africa

ICF Chapters are the heart and backbone of the ICF, creating significant value for their members, the ICF community, and the coaching profession. Chapters put their energies into local projects that support their goals and provide for the professional growth of member coaches and the coaching profession.
The ICF South Africa Chapter was established in May  2015 as an amalgamation of the ICF Gauteng and ICF Cape Town chapters.  It aims to support ICF members in South Africa and to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching in South Africa.

The Gauteng sub-chapter meets the last Thursday of every month with the exception of April and December at the Bryanston Sports Club or Hackle Brook Conference Centre (Craighall) 

Our Vision

We choose to be in service of humanity by leading and evolving the advancement of the coaching profession in Africa.

Our Focus

  • Marketing the Chapter: Growing membership
  • Development and Education
  • Leadership Development

 The Aim of the ICF South Africa is to:


Help Coaches with Business Development

  • Create an environment at the Chapter level to support coaches in becoming financially successful in this profession.
  • Create a professional network through which members can share opportunities and resources.

Carry our Marketing, Publicity & Public Relations

  • Invite potential members and guests to attend meetings and encourage them to join the ICF Chapter.
  • Create and maintain public awareness and a positive image of the coaching profession, the Chapter, and the ICF through local exposure, contribution to the community, and public relations.
  • Design a coach referral system for members.
  • Model and support the ICF Guideline for Ethical Conduct to help preserve the self-regulation and integrity of the coaching profession. From time to time the Chapter may want to have a meeting devoted to ethical considerations as they affect the business of coaching. Guidelines for Ethical Conduct can be found at Ethical Guidelines
  • Form local alliances with other organisations and institutions whose programmes and activities are consistent with the mission and purposes of ICF.


Offer a Community Hub

  • Fulfill the ICF mission locally: To be the local forum for the art and science of coaching, where we inspire transformational conversations, advocate excellence, and expand awareness of the contribution coaching is to the future of humankind.
  • Create a strong community that engages members in giving, receiving, and growing valuable relationships.
  • Present the opportunity for members to collaborate in providing resources and solutions for themselves and their clients.
  • Offer a forum where members can discuss issues of professional concern.
  • Recognise, value, and acknowledge each other’s unique diversity, experiences, contributions and accomplishments, and support each other as equals.
  • Foster awareness within the Chapter of resources, events, training, volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • Encourage and support ICF membership.

Provide Education

  • Share resources and expertise.
  • Begin a library of coaching related materials including recordings from the ICF Conferences.
  • Design ongoing educational programmes for information and inspiration.
  • Furnish information for ongoing coach training.
  • Encourage ICF members to attain professional coach training and ICF Credentials.
  • Promote the standards and processes of credentialing.
  • Invite representatives of ICF approved Coach Training Organisations to provide information and speak at Chapter meetings.
  • Obtain CCEUs for educational Chapter programmes.


Provide Communication to South African Coaches

  • Help members stay abreast of changes and new developments in the profession.
  • Serve as an effective communication channel between local members and the ICF.
  • Have a member of the Executive Board attend the monthly ICF Chapter Leader calls.
  • Support ICF ethics, its programmes and efforts, and offer constructive feedback to improve its services.
  • Create a website for your Chapter to communicate your efforts to your member coaches and your community.

Leadership and Legacy

  • Elect a strong board that exemplifies leadership, commitment and professionalism.
  • Develop the current leadership of the Chapter.
  • Seek out and nurture future leaders for the Chapter and the ICF.
  • Encourage experienced leaders to run for the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs of the ICF.
  • Create and maintain a connected community.
  • Build a strong foundation to ensure longevity.
  • Become a chartered Chapter once the Chapter has 50 or more ICF members.
  • Model the best of coaching in our ways of being, working together, and through our actions.
  • Begin the leadership year with a retreat where goals, mission and team vision can be outlined.
  • Enjoy the process, the company

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